Talk & Listen Directly thru the Watch/Pendant!
Unlike traditional, out-dated systems where the ability to talk & listen is in the base-unit, SilverFox Link is always with you for clear, crisp, communication.

SilverFox Link is the only home base medical alert device that has a LED screen, which visually tells the Customer what the device is doing. Below is an example on how to activate an emergency call.

Inbound Calls
SilverFox Link was developed not only for emergency situations, but the device can receive inbound calls and with its LED screen the Customer can see who's calling with Caller-ID. Our Customers can receive normal inbound calls without any charges from SilverFox Link.
Answer Inbound Calls with Caller-ID
and Never Run to the Phone Again!

SilverFox Link is an easy to use and sophisticated device that requires no adjustments or set-ups to use it. The SilverFox Link System comes fully programmed and ready for use by the Customer.
No Programming Phone Numbers.
No Time & Date Set-Up.
No Need to Worry About "Daylight Savings" Time.
Your SilverFox Link device is "Fully Supervised" by our Monitoring Center 24/7.

SilverFox Link was developed for ease of use with a "plug & play" concept. Plug the Base Unit into a centrally located electrical outlet in your home, connect the phone lines, and then make sure there is a full charge on the SilverFox Link device and that is it. Your SilverFox Link device is then ready to use! See more below.
Easy to Set-Up

Powerful Range of Use
Once you have completed the set-up process and your SilverFox Link device is fully charged, then you are ready to be connected & protected anywhere in and around your home.

SilverFox Link System
If our device or any part of the SilverFox Link System fails to work properly, just send the system back and we will replace it. This warranty does not protect the SilverFox Link system if it was damaged by the Customer. For assistance 24 hours, 7 days a week: 866-242-2354.
Technical Specifications
The SilverFox Link pendant/watch that incorporates a two-way voice communicator that can place the user in direct contact with an Emergency Care Center.

Elegant Design with two wearable configurations: Necklace & Wristwatch.

Weight 1.4 oz - Length: 2.25 inches - Width: 1.75 inches - Height: 5/8 inch SFL base unit charger - Illuminates to confirm the device is docked and charging, can be used as a night light.

Simple emergency button function, which connects user to care center.

Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery - a single charge lasts up to an entire week.

Two-way voice direct from pendant/watch - Advance speaker and microphone technology allows for clear communication with care center.

Fully Supervised "low battery" by our care center, the pendant/watch will not only tell the end user, but also send an alarm to our care center that the battery is low.

SFL pendant/watch has both visual (LED) & audio notification to alert user of issues from being to far from base to low battery.

Never set the time or date on your watch, it auto sets through the phone network system.

SFL pendant/watch has a range up to 500 feet, which covers most homes.

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